Our Departments


Administration & Technical

From planning to execution the most important strategic decisions are taken here. The management team is well aware of factory physics on the measures and control of production system, workforce planning and framework, scheduling and capacity planning. This Department is led by Mr. Rafique Ahmed Sheikh who is the General Manager Technical. He is a most experienced and technically qualified person in the Industry. He is associated with the company since first day of operation. He is a person who is responsible for success of the company through his hard works and planning.



Accounts, Finance & Tax

Our Account, Finance & Tax Departments are organized in such a way that our Management (Directors), Dealers and Vendors are facilitated in best possible manner through hard work of the team of these Departments. These departments are headed by highly qualified GM Finance Mr. Lajpat Khatri who proved himself best in planning & budgeting. He is most experienced and professionally qualified person in the field of Accounts, Finance and Taxation therefore he is heading all three departments. He is most popular personality in his field especially in automotive sector of Pakistan. He is also Qualified Advocate, due to his additional qualification and expertise he is looking after the legal matter of the company.



Sales & Marketing

Sales Department is led by Mr. Muhammad Imran Lakhani who has a very good team of professionals which has the experience of working in all regions of Pakistan. The performance of his team under his guidance is reflected in the fact that in the beginning the company sold only 50 units every month which has reached 8500 units per month today.

Marketing Department is led by Mr. Syed Azmat Ali who has a very good team of professionals. His team paved the way for continues growth through hard work and by moving in the right direction.



Human Resource

Inculcation of pro-active thinking, retention of core talent, keeping HR system functioning effectively and evaluating how much the long-terms strategy of Raazy Motor is being realized are the main tasks of the department. We believe that employees are a valuable asset of the company and key of success. We believe in team work and our management believes in holding the talent by fulfilling their basic needs through handsome salary and providing all the benefits as per Law prevailing in Pakistan. Example of this is our GM Technical, Plant Manager/Production Manager, Procurement Manager and Labour Officer. They are with us since the beginning. Most of our employees are working with us for the last ten years or more.



Import Department

Import Department is led by Mr. Muhammad Imran Lakhani with very good team of professionals. The department is technically headed by Mr. Rafique Ahmed Sheikh. Mr. Talha Hussain joined this team in 2014 for development and addition of new products and this team is working very hard for meeting day-to-day requirements and developments of new products. Out Import Team added 5 to 6 new products within last 2 years and these products are selling successfully throughout Pakistan.



Procurement Department

Procurement Department is operated under Supervision of our Managing Director/Chief Executive Mr. Zahid Ali and managed by Mr. Syed Mujahid Ali. This department ensures availability of local raw material for manufacturing or assembling of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. Mr. Mujahid Ali is very competent and experienced procurement manager of this industry. He has a good skill in developing new venders. He always emphasis on cost cutting and managing quality products for the company.



Quality Control

Quality Control Department is key department in any engineering setup throughout the world, we believe in quality therefore we have been achieving sustained growth since last decade. This Department is led by Mr. Rafique Ahmed Sheikh because of his expertise and qualification in Engineering. He is a most capable person of automotive industry of Pakistan with vast experience of engineering around 40 years.



Customer Relations

We never believe in complaints and claims as a consequence of these, therefore we have very low ratio of claims may be less than 0.01%. This is negligible and is the major cause of our success. Customer Relations Department works hand in hand with the Sales & Marketing Departments. It handles customers’ calls and emails and answers them as soon as possible. Customer Relations Department also keeps all the records of discussions or correspondence accurately and handles customers’ complaint / suggestions professionally and sincerely.



MIS Department

This Department is responsible for maintaining record of Accounts, Procurement, Stores/Stock, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Department etc. Monitoring and evaluation of programs/software are key responsibility of this Department and we have team of professionals for in house software development. We are using self-developed software to meet latest technology requirements.