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Raazy Motors Industries has established itself in 15th July – 2004 and in the year of 2011 Raazy Motors Industries turn into a Private Limited company. Therefore now a days our company known as a “ Raazy Motors Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. “ the Hi-Speed 4-Stroke 70cc Motorcycles manufacturer and assembler in Pakistan.

Among more then 60 Chinese brand motorcycle manufacturers, Raazy Motors Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is ranked in the top 10 biggest companies in Pakistan who collaborate with China in motorcycle manufacturing.

The work philosophy behind 72,000 units that the company manufacture every year is that the interest of the client is supreme which means that the parts and the finished product is durable, attractively designed and it functions smoothly. Our watchwords are precision ensured through hi-tech engineering. We took to the new and enhanced manufacturing environment as fish takes to water.

Before associating with the Company, the top management partners had their through grooming experience of 10 years from Japan and different countries.

Haji Muhammad Yaqoob Lakhani founder and Chairman of the Company brings a vast manufacturing savvy and a great skill of leading the workforce to achieve the desired targets.

Zahid Ali Chishty founder and Managing Director Loves to accept challenges. He has good business acumen. His boundless energy helps to achieve results.

From planning to execution the most important strategic decisions are taken here. The management team is well aware of factory physics on the measures and control of production system, workforce planning and framework, scheduling and capacity planning.

Our marketing strategy emphasizes on our strengths in a realistic way so that our credibility is not affected. Our major strength is our ability to satisfy the customer’s needs by providing good after sales for which extensive marketing surveys are organized. All aspects of research, pricing and promotions are evaluated and recommended for implementation.